StyleCraft Boats Fiberglass Hull Pontoon Outfitter ZX23 Boat

Five Things to Consider Before Buying a Pontoon Boat

Top on the list is go with fiberglass pontoon hulls

The first question StyleCraft Boats asks a prospective customer is what are their plans for the boat. Is it an overall family fun boat, a skiing and tubing, fishing, swimming or picnicking on the beach boat? The great thing about a StyleCraft Boats fiberglass hull pontoon boat is that is works for all these purposes.

Here are five things to consider before you buy:

  1. Make this the last boat you will need to buy. Fiberglass pontoon hulls and a composite deck are built to last for many years. There is no aluminum to degrade and no wood to rot. The commercial warranty, with all the abuse a rental boat experiences, is 10 years. That’s best in the industry. StyleCraft Boats fiberglass pontoon hulls are ½-inch thick and are built for performance and longevity.

    In the case of some unforeseen accident, fiberglass, unlike aluminum, repairs keep the same appearance as a new pontoon, whereas repaired aluminum has ugly scars and weakened tubes.
  1. Gas prices continue to climb so owners of StyleCraft Boats realize a better performing boat than the regular aluminum tube pontoon boat. Our hulls follow a racing design with a flat bottom. Our boats plane faster, operate more smoothly and take less draft. This results in less horsepower needs and less fuel consumed.
  1. The bright and shiny appearance of a fiberglass pontoon hull keeps that new look appeal for years. No one likes to cruise around in a boat that shows its age, even if just a year old. Aluminum tubes, especially in saltwater, are subject to water discoloration, electrolysis and biological growth.
  1. Pick the horsepower best suited for your boat and the activities desired. The StyleCraft Boats Outfitter ZX is rated for 150 horsepower. The Outfitter ZX23 measures 23 feet overall and you can expect a top in speed (empty boat) with a 90-horsepower outboard of 30-35 miles per hour. Need more speed jump up to a 115 hp outboard for up to 40 miles per hour and with the 150 the boat can reach up to 45 mph. The biggest second guess and remorse by a boat buyer is under powering.
  1. And finally, but perhaps not least is deck space and storage. The Outfitter ZX23 boasts over 178 square feet of deck space and can handle up to 15 people. There is ample storage for life jackets, picnic gear, tackle and all the other items needed for a day on the water. Plus, we offer a very convenient fold away changing room to change into a swimsuit in privacy.

These are five of the top considerations when searching for a new pontoon boat. Buy right the first time and spend more time relaxing on the water.