Top Five Pontoon Boat Adventures

From the experts at StyleCraft Boats

There are plenty of exciting pontoon boat activities to enjoy. Here are five favorites.

  1. Feel the Wind

    StyleCraft Boats Top Five Pontoon Boat Adventures - Feel the Wind

    Top of the list is simply cruising around the lake. StyleCraft Boats Outfitter ZX23 features proprietary fiberglass pontoon hulls. The design, based on racing pontoons, is flat on the bottom giving an ultra-smooth ride. These pontoons are also energy efficient resulting in less horsepower needs with enhanced gas savings. So, cruise away and enjoy long rides with the wind dashing by.
  1. Experience the Tug of a Fish

    StyleCraft Boats Top Five Pontoon Boat Adventures - Experience the Tug of a Fish

    Everyone loves to fish and why be on the water if dangling a hook in the water is not on the agenda. A pontoon boat is designed to be comfortable and safe for angling. It’s easy to watch the bobber and set the hook so youngsters can be close to the action with the boat railing protecting them from the water. Casting with spinning and casting gear is no problem, dropping that plastic worm or casting a crankbait into the best hole. It’s easy to mount a trolling motor for working a shore line. 
  1. Ride the Wakes and Take a Dip

    StyleCraft Boats Top Five Pontoon Boat Adventures - Ride the Wakes and Take a Dip

    Tubers love to hang on the rope tied to the back of a pontoon boat. Action fast enough for every tuber is afforded and the long sweeping turns give quite a ride over the wakes. A pontoon boat also makes a great swimming platform. Just don’t park in too shallow of water as diving and jumping off the deck is so appealing.
  1. Set up Camp

    Don’t head back to the marina at sunset. Motor up to a sandy beach island and set up camp for the night. It’s easy to pitch a tent with sleeping bags and air mattresses, set up a grill for a steak dinner hid away in the ice chest and then build a comfortable campfire to build smores or tell stories. Watching the stars is a whole lot more fun on an island. Even the pontoon boat can be arranged for camping right on the deck. Let the gentle lapping of waves lure you to sleep.
  1. Enjoy Nature’s Artwork

    StyleCraft Boats Top Five Pontoon Boat Adventures - Enjoy Nature’s Artwork

    Get a comfy chair and point the pontoon boat to the west. Sunsets on the water just can’t be beat. Be sure to have the camera ready as the orange hues of a glamorous sunset are ready to be saved and shared for later enjoyment.

So, there are five of the most favorite pontoon boat adventures from the experts at StyleCraft Boats. Be creative and enjoy pontoon life to its fullest.