Elite Craft

The construction of handcrafted fiberglass boats that look like real wood.

If you want the grace and beauty of a custom wooden runabout without the constant care that wood demands, an Elite Craft Boat is for you.

A history of over 30 years; Elite Craft boats were the creation of boat builder, entrepreneur David Smith who always had a love for classic, mahogany inboard speedboats. His deep appreciation for the varnished beauty and graceful design, their precision craftsmanship, and the unmistakable rumble of a powerful inboard engine led him to look for a new way to achieve that beauty without the upkeep.

Smith developed a thick, tough, rigid, yet lightweight sandwich of fiberglass and foam core along with other key materials. This sandwich would be further strengthened by a rigid network of bulkheads and stringers.

Today, his fiberglass wood grain finish is second to none, the result of years of  development which evolved into what you see and most of his Elite Craft boats are still on the water today. This means no re-planking, no caulking and no varnishing. You can keep the look of a beautiful wood grained custom built runabout for decades without ever having the need to strip, refinish and restore.

Testimonial from visitors at ACBC, one of the largest antique and classic boat shows in the country.

“We cannot believe this is not real wood!” 


Elite Craft boats give you the beautiful and classic vintage look of wood, but are by design handmade with the low maintenance durability of fiberglass. 

Eric Smith always shared the same love as his father; he collaborated with him on design and build and the Elite Craft legacy now lives on through Eric. 

Eric has entrusted A&M Manufacturing to build and produce the Elite Craft line of boats. A&M Manufacturing has entrusted StyleCraft Boats to carry the Elite Craft name.



Our boats are hand built to the highest standard by American master craftsmen, with the sole use of quality materials and parts.


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