Our Hulls

StyleCraft Boats are all built with all fiberglass hulls. The look, durability and handling of fiberglass hulls has revolutionized pontoon boats and set the bar for new pontoon boats, and hull replacement.

When it comes to eye-appeal, fiberglass hulls (without question) upgrades the look of a pontoon to a sleeker, sharper, higher-end look.

There are no welds and the fiberglass gel coat provides a beautiful shine. The updated, upgraded look is one of the reasons pontoons have been evolving to fiberglass hulls.

Beyond that, fiberglass is undoubtedly a stronger material than aluminum, so they hold up better. Especially in salt water where aluminum pontoons suffer from electrolysis. This leads to metal degradation. In a visual sense, imagine an old car that starts to rust, once it starts it just keeps rusting until the aluminum hulls are in ruins. In addition aluminum pontoons generally rust from the inside out so once you finally notice, it’s too late.

Anyone in the market should know that aluminum pontoons are being made with cheaper materials that ding and scratch easily due to inflated metal prices. Because the aluminum log sides have become thinner they are much more susceptible to being ripped by any number of waterway hazards.

If you look at most pontoons that have been in the water for any length of time, you have probably noticed patches or scars on the aluminum hulls that are left over from repairs. It’s not only unsightly, but welding aluminum actually weakens the metal, resulting in a never ending cycle. Unpleasant for anyone, and totally prohibitive for a rental fleet. Lastly, even after repairs have been made to an aluminum hull, that ugly repair scar or patch will be visible for the remaining life of the boat.

Fiberglass durability means less repairs to the hulls, and in the unlikely event you do find yourself in need, a fiberglass hull can be repaired while maintaining the original strength of the material and the look of brand new fiberglass, just like the day you launched it.

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Fiberglass hulls; one of the big reasons that StyleCraft/A&M Manufacturing are in the rental boat fleet replacement business. Owners of these fleets come to us for a longer term solution... They believe in fiberglass vs. aluminum!

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