Q & A

Why StyleCraft?

It’s not your grandmother’s log pontoon anymore. We offer proprietary elements in fiberglass hull design that far exceed competition in looks, speed, strength, durability, capacity, handling, comfort and we are leading developers in Hybrid boat design. Our platforms can float whatever your imagination can dare to dream.


What are the benefits of fiberglass hulls as opposed to the traditional aluminum?

When it comes to eye-appeal, fiberglass hulls without question upgrade the look of a pontoon to a sleeker, sharper, higher-end look. There are no welds and the fiberglass gel coat provides a beautiful shine. The updated, upgraded look may well be why pontoons have been evolving to fiberglass hulls.

Beyond that, fiberglass is undoubtedly a stronger material than aluminum, so they hold up better. This is especially true in salt water where aluminum tubes suffer from electrolysis. This leads to metal degradation. In a visual sense, imagine an old car that has begun to rust away - like rust, you can never get rid of salt water once it has begun to degrade an aluminum tube from the inside out. Additionally, because of inflated metal prices, aluminum tubes are being made with cheaper materials that scratch and ding easily, and the log sides have become thinner, making them more susceptible to being ripped by any number of waterway hazards.

Welding aluminum to make repairs weakens the metal, resulting in a never ending cycle, not pleasant for anyone, and certainly not sustainable for a rental fleet. Lastly, even after repairs have been made to an aluminum log, the ugly repair scar/patch will be visible for the remaining life of the boat.

This is the #1 reason that StyleCraft Boats is in the rental boat fleet replacement business. Owners of these fleets came to us for a longer term solution... they believe in fiberglass vs. aluminum!


What is a Tritoon?

A Tritoon is a triple-hull pontoon boat. Instead of having two large fiberglass hulls beneath the deck, tritoons have a 3rd hull in the center that helps distribute the weight more evenly over the water, more so than the traditional two hull pontoon. Because the tritoon is more stable it can handle more horsepower, move at greater speeds and is more agile, handling cuts and turns in the water more smoothly with precision and accuracy.

The 3rd hull also provides more comfort and better all-around handling. Tritoons can also be fitted with two or three outboard motors, they provide for a greater capacity, allowing the boat to be larger in size with more amenities. Tritoons are also better equipped to handle rougher waters.


What other services does StyleCraft offer?

StyleCraft is raising the bar sky high to become the premiere company in boat sales, rental programs, promotions and production for outfitting marinas, marina management companies and rental companies.

We are dedicated to bringing the very best customer experience possible through our attention to detail and our knowledge of what is needed, where it’s needed and how to execute it. Experience StyleCraft, Just Ask Us How.

For Lancer Craft Boats, what is meant by a runabout?

A Runabout is a small motorboat holding between four and eight people, well suited to moving about on the water. Runabouts can be used for racing, for pleasure activities like fishing and water skiing, or as a ship’s tender for larger vessels. Some common runabout boats are bow rider, center console, cuddy boat and walkaround.