Rental Income

For Our Rental Owners:


StyleCraft Boat Fiberglass Pontoons will bring you:

  • More Rentals... Customers prefer the look of fiberglass over aluminum hands down.  More Rentals mean More Income
  • Less Maintenance...Fiberglass pontoons require virtually no maintenance; they stay in your fleet as a rental source and give you more time to do your business.  Less Maintenance means More Profit
  • It’s a no brainer... We can show you how to swap out your tired fleet, or help you start a rental business with one StyleCraft boat or a fleet of StyleCraft boats.  StyleCraft Boats means you make More Money


For Marina Owners:


We are revolutionizing the Marina customer’s experience and redefining what First-class water’s edge service truly should be. We’ll help your marina become a destination.

  • More crowds at your marina
  • More people eating at your restaurants
  • Slips filled and staying full
  • People who want to rent a boat at a marina... Can
  • People want to stay the night on the water... Will
  • People who want to learn to kayak, guests want to know more about fishing... Will be shown how
  • People want to be served. People want to have fun!


Increased Cash Flow and Marina Income Potential

We are looking to partner with 1% of the top 1,800 marinas across the USA.



Beyond the Boat


A comprehensive, recreational promotions platform designed for Marina based properties. We take Marinas “Beyond the Boat” for added cash flow and untapped revenues. The program’s focus is on promoting an “Outfitter Style” customer experience, based on Fisherman’s Hall of Fame and 5-star, world-class outfitter, Billy Chapman. This means great times, great products, great promotions with National sponsors, uncontested service and exceptional attention to detail. 

Eagles like to fly with Eagles... We will take you further.

Take your Marina to the next level with StyleCraft, for more money and come back customers.

We offer high-quality production and advertising, planned events and gatherings, promotional boating and fishing seminars, hosted parties and events, tap into the corporate convention markets and a whole lot more.


We know Adventure... We know Marinas... We know People.