StyleCraft Boats - Family Slide 28

StyleCraft Boats is simply another way to say "family fun on the water.” Swimming, skiing, water sliding, tubing, fishing, camping, picnicking and just riding around are ways families enjoy their time on the water with StyleCraft Boats.


StyleCraft Boats - Lance Craft Elite

Bringing you the style and grace of a vintage runabout, with the carefree maintenance of fiberglass - the Elite Craft 20-foot Riviera, a product from Lancer Craft, is unlike any other boat on the water.


StyleCraft Boats - In Production Now

From StyleCraft Boats comes the Fun Slide FS28. The ideal family fun pontoon boat features twin water slides for your very own water park. This is the last family fun boat you’ll ever buy.


StyleCraft Boats - Composite Decks

Most pontoon boats have wood decks that suffer from failing formica floors and rot. Not with StyleCraft. StyleCraft pontoon boats are built with fiberglass hulls and our wood-free deck is sealed with fiberglass. That's why we offer a 10-year commercial warranty on the hulls and deck.


StyleCraft Boats - A&M and Fiberglass

Our 210,000 square foot factory is built to produce fiberglass hulls and boats. All of our StyleCraft pontoon boats and Hunter daysailers are produced at our Alachua, Florida, facility.


StyleCraft Boats - Rentals

StyleCraft Boats offers fiberglass hull pontoon boats that are extremely exciting to rental companies. These boats are built for comfort and fun and also to withstand the rigors of rental use.


StyleCraft Boats - Outfitter ZX23

The StyleCraft Boats Outfitter ZX23 is a versatile recreational boat designed for family fun on the water. This is a pontoon boat ideal for recreation, fishing, camping and skiing.


 Billy Chapman - StyleCraft TV & Mossy Oak

StyleCraft Boats and  Fisherman’s Hall of Famer Billy Chapman, designs 5 Star Destinations with his experience as a world class outfitter, the major sponsors who follow him and his ability to know what people want. 


Billy Chapman - StyleCraft TV & One Boat Challenge - Humminbird & MinnKota


Billy Chapman of StyleCraft Boats knows how to bring in major sponsors and coordinate awesome promotions. Chapman makes it look easy, but to hit this target, you better be able to think outside the boat.


Testimonial - Mike Fisher with Billy Chapman in the Amazon