StyleCraft Kit Boat

Imagine launching your boat atop beautiful pristine waters... Imagine you built that boat with your own hands... Imagine the sense of accomplishment from a job well done, imagine all the adventures that await…

Ever dream of building your own boat? Then the StyleCraft Kit Boat is for you, the DIYer that lives in all of us. We have the tools and the support to make your dream come true.

The beauty of a StyleCraft Kit Boat is that they come to you factory direct, and you have the capability to reverse engineer your boat based on the length and #capacity.

StyleCraft will work hand in hand with the buyer to determine the desired number of hulls and the desired length, then we cut the 4” aluminum C-Channel to the desired beam, square up the holes for the installation bolts, and install and tighten the bolts, then photograph the install for United States Coast Guard (USCG) records, which allows us to issue a Hull identification Number.

Once complete, we mark each bolt’s location on the cross member and the hull flange and it’s disassembled for shipment. 

We provide the foundation / required buoyancy + deck strength, allowing the DIY builder to finish off the deck and the upper structure to fit whatever boat you dare to dream.

You can become your own boat builder and StyleCraft can help you build that dream come true.


Hulls Available

  • Riptide Hulls @ 100#/linear foot of hull .....available up to 28' long
  • Bulldog Hulls @ 200#/linear foot of hull .....available up to 40' long
  • XL Hulls @ 300#/linear foot of hull .....available up to 53' long

Beam  -  4" C-Channel cross members placed on 2' centers

  • Riptide kit boats typically have 2 or 3 hulls with a beam of 8-10'
  • Bulldog kit boats typically have 2 or 3 hulls with a beam of 10-12'
  • XL kit boats typically have 2 or 3 hulls with a beam of 12-16'

Call the factory direct for project specific engineering, pricing and schedule.


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