StyleCraft Tuff Boat

The StyleCraft Tuff boat has been serving marine businesses for over 25 years and it is one tough boat!

Our StyleCraft Tuff boat is heavy duty and rugged for those tough jobs on the water.  It's the hardest working boat that we build.  The Tuff boat has a large console strategically located on the back of the deck, is built on dual fiberglass hulls, keeps operators safe with an anti-skid deck and withstands significant docking wear & tear with the proprietary industrial strength rub rails.

The Tuff boat has been built for over 25 years by a respected boat builder that has listened to their commercial clients in order to build a boat that helps them make money.  The key is always to understand the customer's business needs and then to use the appropriate fiberglass pontoon design that will handle the unit operation and load requirements. 

StyleCraft Tuff boats can be built on 2 or 3 fiberglass pontoons with varying lengths, depending on the commercial application. However, the most common production line Tuff boat is 32' long x 10' wide with a load capacity of 12,000#. 

Optional Feature: We partner with Fischer Crane (Bolingbrook, IL) to provide a marine version of the Amco Veba 806N/906N Knuckleboom Crane … ideal for any number of marine construction applications. These cranes have a capacity of 1080# at 34’1” maximum reach.

So whether you're dredging, building offshore, oystering, using for applications of rescue / patrol service, or building a marina, this StyleCraft Tuff Boat means business.

FACTORY SPECS - StyleCraft Tuff Boat


We can build StyleCraft Tuff Boats on 1 of 3 platforms for whatever your tough job requires. So you tell us:

  • What job is your StyleCraft Tuff boat being built to do?
  • How much weight will your StyleCraft Tuff boat need to bear?
  • Are there any special structural requirements you need us to consider?

Answers to these questions will allow us to help ensure your StyleCraft Tuff boat is just the right boat for just the right job.


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